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Updated: Jun 30

What we need to know about Cambria Windermere quartz? well Cambria Windermere have nice pattern with shades of gray and cream with golden copper color. here is a picture of how looks the full slab of Cambria Windermere #Mycambria

Cambria quartz countertops dealer Boca Raton FL
Cambria Windermere Quartz slab size: 132" x 65"
Cambria Windermere How look installed
Cambria Windermere Sample

The client chose the countertop based on the mosaic that he had previously installed in his kitchen. When he saw the sample of Cambria Windermere he loved it, this design and color of Cambria was the perfect one to make contrast with the existent backsplash and its new white cabinets.

In this kitchen our customer selected the White shaker kitchen cabinets, so we order and installed the white cabinets, and when the cabinets installation was finished, we started to prepare and make the templates to fabricate the countertops for this kitchen. To make countertops templates we recommend that all cabinets need to be installed properly only them we can start make templates. #stoneandquartzllc

When we finished fabricate the countertops, we schedule the countertops installation day with our customer. Next step it is countertops installation day! #stoneandquartzllc

Cambria Kitchen countertops installation Boca Raton FL
Cambria Windermere Kitchen countertops installed

To make templates, experience is required, especially when the walls are up to 3/4 "and you need to make the precise cut that slides perfectly with the unevenness of a wall and with existing old mosaic. From the countertop to the hage, it looks perfect, every kitchen remodeling has its own details, that is why when the temper is done to cut the slab, you must have the necessary experience to avoid making mistakes, have the knowledge and experience to install cabinets and countertops. It is essential for our customers to always be happy with the final work.

Cambria Windermere countertops Boca Raton FL
How Cambria Windermere countertops looks installed?

In the following photo you can see the final work of cabinets and countertops installation. As we can see #mycambria Windermere enhances the new white cabinets and the new porcelain floor that looks like wood. Actually this Windermer countertop and White cabinets creates a spacious and warm atmosphere, really cozy to be a place to share with loved ones.

Cambria Windermere countertops Boca Raton FL
How Cambria Windermere looks installed?

It is important to note that the cabinets pulls play an important role in the final design of a any kitchen remodeling. If they are a little more elongated in comparison to those that were previously used years ago, it is convenient because it gives a spaciousness look to the cabinets, apart from that they help to open more comfortable each cabinet door without messing the cabinets.#Topexdesign


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