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Cambria Quartz Bentley Kitchen Countertops installed

Cambria Bentley is a quartz with White background, black and charcoal veins with muted light gray spatters and scattered intersecting veins.

In these kitchen countertops we fabricated and installed Cambria Bentley 3cm:

* 1-1/4" Eased edge.

*Under mount sink cut-out

*Sink installed/attached under the countertop. (No plumbing)

*Faucet holes

Cambria quartz Bentley installer Boca Raton FL
Cambria Bentley Kitchen countertops installed | Boca Raton FL

Cambria Bentley Quartz Countertops Boca Raton Florida
Cambria Bentley Quartz Countertops Boca Raton Florida

The picture below is how look the full slab of Cambria quartz Bentley. Size 132" x 65"

Cambria Bentley full Slab

It is important that before you make the final decision on the size of your new cabinets you take into consideration the size of the slab you are going to use. Especially on the island to avoid having joints.

What Backsplash should I put on this kitchen?

There may be several ideas, but my favorite are the ones I share with you in the pictures below. Even looking in a Cambria magazine I saw a photo with one of my favorite backsplash for Bentley countertops, with I also share with you here.

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