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How Cambria Bentley quartz looks installed as Kitchen Countertops

Updated: Jun 30

Cambria Bentley is a quartz with White background, black and charcoal veins with muted light gray spatters and scattered intersecting veins.

Details related to the installation of these kitchen countertops:

*We fabricated and installed Cambria Bentley - slab 3cm thickness.

* 1-1/4" Eased edge.

*Under mount sink cut-out

*Sink installed/attached under the countertop. (No plumbing)

*Faucet hole

*Iphone charger hole.

*air-disposal switch hole

Cambria quartz Bentley installer Boca Raton FL
Cambria Bentley Kitchen countertops installed | Boca Raton FL

Cambria Bentley Kitchen Countertops installed Boca Raton Florida
Cambria Bentley Kitchen Countertops

Cambria Bentley Quartz Countertops Boca Raton Florida
Cambria Bentley Quartz Countertops Boca Raton Florida

Cambria Bentley is the quartz with the best veined design option?

We always recommend that you should compare Cambria with other brands of quartz countertops in order to determine which one offers you the best design option to match your style and taste. The photo below shows you what a full Cambria Bentley slab looks like on a small scale.

If what you are looking for is a countertop with off-white background and thick black veins that will make a big difference in your kitchen, them Cambria Bentley is definitely the countertop for your dream kitchen.

Cambria Bentley full Slab
Cambria quartz Bentley slab Size:

132" x 65" is the size for Cambria Bentley slab.

Why is it important to consider the size of the slab Cambria Bentley?

Once you have the cabinets installed, you need to consider the size of the slab you like. The good thing is that Cambria has Jumbo sized slabs which usually works well for seamless installation. Now if the size of the cabinets you have installed in your kitchen are longer than 130" which is the length of the Cambria Bentley then you should be aware:

* that you may need to order an additional slab so that the veins fit in harmony at the joint. Of course this is something that only your fabricator can define once they have the exact measurements and layout of your cabinets. Maybe you don't need that additional slab but it's good to keep in mind that it could be a possibility.

Which Backsplash should I lay with Cambria Bentley countertops?

There may be several ideas, but my favorite are the ones I share with you in the pictures below. Even looking in a Cambria magazine I saw a photo with one of my favorite backsplash for Bentley countertops, with I also share here with you here.

Now I think you might want to know the color name and sizes of each tile.

Cambria Bentley kitchen countertops installer and backsplash
Backsplash White Celestial: inspiration for Cambria Bentley

This beautiful backsplash has been designed in a hexagonal shape with white and grey marble pieces. Comes in a sheet size 11 1/2" x 10" Which represents 0.80 SQF per sheet.

When it comes to decorating a kitchen sometimes it's good to step out of the common denominator and just do something different if you really like it.

What do you think?

Cambria Bentley Countertops fabrication and installation. backsplash too
Backsplash Salem Charcoal: Inspiration for Cambria Bentley countertops

Hexagonal marble tile is a good combination to use if your countertops are Cambria Bentley. If your style is more for kitchens with a dark and elegant tone this tile is a good choice. here are some details about this backsplash:

Tile Size: 2” Hexagon

Sheet Size: 11.875” x 11.875”

Sheet Coverage: .97 SF

Rows Per Sheet: 7

Tiles Per Sheet: 42

All Tiles are mesh mounted

Cambria kitchen countertops fabrication and installer
Backsplash color Queen's Corner inspiration for Cambria Bentley

if you like glass and colors more like platinum white this is a good choice that would look beautiful in a kitchen that has Cambria Bentley countertops.

Here are some details that you might find useful:

Tile Size: 2" x 6"

Sheet Size: 11 3/4" x 12"

Sheet Coverage: .98 SQF

Rows Per Sheet: 6

Tiles Per Sheet: 12

Grout Joint: 1/16" (2mm)

Mesh Mounted: Yes

Cambria Bentley Kitchen countertops Installer
English Grey, an inspiration to use with Cambria Bentley

It all depends on your style, if you like lighter colors or darker colors. If you are one of those who really enjoy when you see a picture of a kitchen with dark backsplashes then this tile is maybe a perfect choice for your kitchen.

Here are few details that you may need to know:

Tile Size: 2" x 6"

Sheet Size: 11 3/4" x 12"

Sheet Coverage: .98 SQF

Rows Per Sheet: 6

Tiles Per Sheet: 12

Grout Joint: 1/16" (2mm)

Mesh Mounted: Yes

Cambria bentley countertops installer and baksplash
Boston Jane Backsplash

This is a tile that has a charcoal color, with a little bit of platinum on the bottom of the glass tiles. It has a different character than the other tiles, since it has a lot of texture. In this tile we find a mix between stone tiles as a rough surface and glass tiles with the illusion of a 3D texture.

Cambria Bentley kitchen countertops installer
Ever White Backsplash inspiration for Cambria Bentley

This is one of my favorite glass backsplashes. Maybe this is the design you were looking for. It is not the classic backsplash that you see in every kitchen, on the contrary it is completely different that will give your kitchen perhaps a personality of distinction. Of course you have to be one of those who like dark backsplashes.

I share with you the photo of this backsplash and Cambria Bentley quartz with the photo in the background of a Cambria magazine, so you know you can look for other backsplash ideas for your kitchens in Cambria magazines:

or on their instagram: @cambriasurfaces.

Cambria Bentley quartz countertops installer and Backsplash near me
Light Canopy, white backsplash inspiration

For white lovers, I have chosen this backsplash with a delicate, elegant and eye-catching design. I know that on this tile the marble pieces are small and require more grout than if you decided to use a subway tile. But in my opinion Cambria Bentley countertops require a different style than a white subway tile.

I added in the pictures two different colors of handles; a gold handle that you can get on amazon and a 12" long color charcoal handle that we have in our showroom.

I think both are great for Cambria Bentley countertops.

I have seen Cambria Bentley kitchen countertops where the owner have used silver handles on their kitchen cabinets, if that is your preference great since it is your kitchen and you will be the one who needs to feel happy and comfortable every time you see it. I have only posted pictures of gold and charcoal handles because in my humble opinion it would give a contrast and charm to the kitchen. But as I say it is a matter of style and taste, and if you like silver handles do not hesitate to use it.

I hope these suggestions have helped you in some way. From the bottom of my heart I hope that when you finish your kitchen remodeling it will be beautiful, because it is the place where we always share many of our best moments with family and friends.


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