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Why install Cambria Whitney in your kitchen countertops?

Updated: Jun 30

Whitney Cambria has a Bone-White background color with sparkles like little snow crystals drifting on the surface. I am sharing below some photos of this material so we can have a better idea of ​​how Cambria Whitney looks on its own, I hope these photos can help.

Cambria Whitney fabrication & installation Boca Raton FL
Why Cambria Whitney in your kitchen countertops

There is a variety of White sparkling quartz on the market, each of them varies in intensity and quantity of sparkles with a small variation in the shade of the crystals. Most Sparkling White quartz has disparate pieces of little mirror-like that are exactly what makes them show off tiny dots of sparkle and small pieces of clear quartz that has a light blue tone. Now Cambria Whitney has more intensity on the sparkling look and you can see that it does not have the nuggets that look with a mirror, but rather they have small pieces that are transparent quartz which has been placed in the background glitter. which explains why this quartz is more like little crystals drifting on the surface.

unfortunately, with my iPhone, I can't take a photo where you can really appreciate what I'm saying. But when they come to visit us or visit another manufacturer they will be able to see the different variety of Sparkling White and they will be able to appreciate the difference between them and Cambria Whitney in which they will be able to observe like glitter inside small transparent crystals.

How looks installed Cambria Whitney quartz countertops?

In this kitchen located in Boynton Beach Florida, we installed Cambria Whitney as a kitchen counter. In the following photos, I will share with you how looks installed Cambria Whitney with white kitchen cabinets.

Cambria Whitney Kitchen island Stone and Quartz LLC
Cambria Whitney Kitchen countertops

Stone and Quartz LLC Cambria Whitney countertops
Cambria Whitney Kitchen Countertops

Countertops Installation details:


*Farm sink cut-out

*Cooktop cut-out

*Faucet, soap dispenser, and garbage disposal air switch holes

*2" Mitered edge

Why install Cambria Whitney countertops
Cambria Whitney Countertops Boca Raton FL

Cambria Whitney countertops Boca arton FL
How Cambria Whitney Countertops looks installed

Fell free to contact us at Stone and Quartz LLC your License Countertop Contractor.

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