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Is Cambria Skara Brae the correct countertop for my kitchen o Bathroom?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

We know that Cambria quartz has its own manufacture here in our country. So that looks like Cambria is made here in the United States :) It is also notorious that Cambria unlike the rest of the companies that are engaged in the manufacture of quartz, Cambria has the most striking designs, with different movements in the veins, different play of colors, also with luxury and dramatic designs that It would definitely give a unique accent to any space that is being decorated.

How looks a full slab of Cambria Skara Brae?

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Jumbo Slab Size | Full slab of Cambria Skara Brave

Skara Brae has a design with a White bone color tone background, in my point of view, this quartz has been designed with different thickness of veins with a olive green tone color with black and white tone that mixes in the veins design path . It is so beautiful every detail of the design and colors that play a very important role in this luxury quartz.

Here I will share with you some photos of countertop installations that we have made here in Boca Raton FL. Every time more countertop installations are made here in Palm Beach County, FL with Skara Brae quartz, I will published them in this blog. The place and the light influence a lot for the moment of appreciating an installed countertop.

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Cambria Skara Brae Countertops and Mitered Waterfall leg

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Cambria Skara Brave Countertops installed with Mitered Waterfall leg
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