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A Guide to why select Carrara Mist for your Countertops Installation

Updated: Jun 30

Quartz is a great option to use as countertops due to its variety of colors and designs. Carrara Mist is a man-made quartz that is part of Natural Premium Quartz brand. Carrara Mist offers the visual appeal of exquisite marble but the low maintenance and durability of quartz

A slab of Carrara mist has a variety of shades of gray, a bit of bone-white color and a small line of movements throughout the piece with a creamy background. Here I added a picture of what a complete slab of Carrara Mist looks like.

Carrara Mist MSI quartz | Boca Raton FL
Carrara Mist 127" x 64"

Of course we always recommend our clients that it is better to visit a professional where they have a real sample of the material to see if those are the colors you have in mind. In our case, if you are located in Boca Raton or in any surrounding area, feel free to visit us Stone and Quartz LLC., We are fabricators and installers of countertops, cabinets and backsplashes. We love being able to guide our clients to choose the material that goes with their style, cabinets, color of walls and budget among others.

What has been our experience fabricating and installing Carrara Mist countertops?

We have installed several projects of countertops with Carrara Mist and thank God there has been no difficulty in the process of manufacturing the countertops, nor at the time of installation. Until now we think it is a good quality material.

Carrara Mist fabricate and instal Stone and Quartz LLC
Carrara Mist Small Sample

How does the Carrara Mist countertop look like?

Here I will share some photos of when we were in the process of installing the countertops. These photos are one of the many projects that we have fabricated and installed for interior decorator Amy Shea at Shea Interiors.

Here we are installing the kitchen countertops in the sink area.

This area is a "L" kitchen countertop where the sink is located. This enormous counter was installed with one seam due to the length of this L countertop piece and the slab size.

We can fabricate and install kitchen island countertops of any size, but it is necessary to take into consideration certain details such as:

* If is longer them the slab size will be a seam. Do you care or no have a joint on the kitchen island?.

* If the countertops installation is on a first floor normally there are no problems concerning the size of the countertop or kitchen island, but if the installation is above the first floor then it is necessary to take into account the size of the elevator. If the installation of the countertop is on a second floor or any other than the first one, it is necessary to measure the access of the corridor and the entrance door as well.

For example in these Kitchen countertops we fabricated and installed Carrara Mist MSI quartz countertops. The size of this kitchen island was based on the size of the slab and the 3 inch Mitered edge on all 4 sides. When the slab shows veins, we recommended that those pieces of the edge come out of the same slab and with the sequence of the same cut so that the mitered edges are in harmony with the flow and movement of the veins.

MSI Carrara Mist Kitchen Island Boca Raton FL
MSI Carrara Mist Kitchen island countertops

MSI Carrara Mist quartz countertops installed
MSI Carrara Mist kitchen countertop Boca Raton

MSI Quartz Carrara Mist Kitchen Countertops Details:

Fabrication and installation Carrara Mist kitchen countertops included:


*Sink cut-out

*Faucet holes

*Edge: 3" Straight Mitered edge

*Cook-top cut - out

*No Backsplash

MSI Quartz Carrara Mist Countertops | Stone and Quartz LLC
Carrara Mist Quartz Kitchen Countertops | Boca Raton FL

MSi Quartz Cararra Mist Kitchen Countertops installed near me
MSI Quartz Carrara Mist Kitchen Countertops Installed

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