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MSI Calacatta Venice Kitchen Countertops Installation.

Updated: Jun 30

This post is about Calacatta Venice and about our experience fabricating and installing this quartz Calacatta Venice as countertops for our clients kitchen. In the picture below we can see when one of these slabs of Calacatta Venice has been delivered to the shop for us to precede with the fabrication and installation of the future Encimeras for our clients.

Calacatta Venice full slab quartz MSI Premium Natural Quartz
Calacatta Venice Slab Quartz MSI

Calacatta Venice Quartz has a warm white background with broad and very delicate veins that imitates the Italian marble, is what this calacatta venice looks for. Is a design that harmonize with almost any environment, color or design style, this white quartz is a perfect accent that catches the attention of your eyes. It is the perfect choice for creating durable white quartz counters, islands in cascade. This quartz is resistant to stains compared to marble.

Stone and Quartz LLC countertops fabricator & installer in Boca Raton FL
Making templates for the Calacatta Venice Countertops

Here in this picture wed are making the templates for the Calacatta Venice countertops that we are going to fabricate and install. Being a manufacturer is not easy. One of the most important aspects when we are fabricated and install countertops is to make the correct template, for which time and concentration is required.

Stone nad Quartz LLC, Countertops installer located in Boca Raton FL
Making templates for the new countertops

If the client decides to change the dimensions of the old countertops, those changes must be included at the time the templates are being made. After elaborating the templates, no change should be made to the future countertops.

When we finish the manufacture of the countertops in the shop, we proceed to plan the day of the installation. When we are installing we try to concentrate on every detail that is required to provide a quality service, apart from when we are installing countertops each countertops usually weighs a lot and depending on the size requires 2, 3, 4 or 5 expert people to raise them on the cabinet. and then continue with the other part of the installation process.

Stone and Quartz LLC quartz countertops fab & installer. Boca Raton FL
Calacatta Venice quartz countertops installed in Boca Raton FL

Now in the following pictures we can see the movement of the veins of each countertop, the veins are not deep or very dark, which gives a fresh appearance to the countertops and the kitchen.

Stone and Quartz LLC quartz countertops installer in Boca Raton FL
Calacatta Venice quartz countertops installation in Boca Raton FL

Any other questions about how Calacatta Venice kitchen countertops look can be clarified in the following pictures

Stone and Quartz LLC, countertops installer in Boca Raton FL.
Calaccatta Venice Countertops installed | Boca Raton FL

This kitchen changed appearance with just installing new countertops, these white countertops with light gray veins, visually gave amplitude to the kitchen area. Our customers maked an excellent decision when choose the Calcatta Venice for their countertops. What kind of edge was made to this countertops? the customer chose 1-1 / 4" straight edge. it is important to keep in mind that when you go to choose your countertops, these can be of the thickness of 3/4", 1-1 / 4 ", 1-1 / 2" or thicker through the technique of Mitered edges.

Contact us Stone and Quartz LLC for your kitchen countertops fabrication and installation.
Calacatta Venice Natural Premium Quartz installed in Boca Raton FL

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