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MSI Calacatta Prado kitchen Countertops Installation | Boca Raton FL

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

In this kitchen we Fabricated and Installed MSI Calacatta Prado 1-1/4" countertops and full Backsplash 🤗

Now this Kitchen looks amazing. Our client, the owner of this kitchen, is so cute that she created a before and after video of this kitchen and shared it with me. I posted that video on our Instagram you can check it out. @stonaandquartzllc

Fabrication and installation of this kitchen countertops included:

*1 1/4" Eased edge kitchen perimeter

*1 1/4" Ogee in front face of upper bar top

*Cooktop cut-ou

*Sink cut-out

*Full Backsplash


*Faucet holes

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