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How does Lincoln Pompeii Quartz Counters Look like installed?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Lincoln Pompeii quartz has a white background and few very thin lines or veins that cross the entire slab and other small veins that spread out more. To me, the long veins have different shades of dark brown and goldish caramel colors.

How do Lincoln Pompeii Quartz waterfall legs look like?

I hope these photos can help you get an idea of how beautifull Linconl waterfall legs look like. These pictures were taken when we were installing the counter top and its mitered waterfall legs.

I love the design of this slab because the veins look as if they had movement. They are straighter and they are so thin that they look very elegant.

How do Pompeii Quartz countertops look like installed on White or Charcoal cabinets?

Lincoln Pompeii quartz has a design and color that makes it versatile, which is why in my opinion, it is a countertop that looks great in a kitchen that has white cabinets (in which case I would recommend installing black nobs cabinets).

Now, if the cabinets are going to be dark brown or charcoal, Lincoln Pompeii quartz countertops are an excellent option to install for new kitchen countertops. The white background and the veins of different shades of dark brown make this counter top the perfect combination for dark or black cabinets. In that case, I would recommend installing gold-color nobs or pull-outs on the cabinets and, as you can see in the photo, a floor that is a dark brown wood-like tile

Installation details

The fabrication and installation of these kitchen countertops included:


*Cook top cut-out

*Farm sink cut-out

*Faucet holes

* 3/4" Eased Edge (that's the thickness of these countertops)

* 3 Mitered Waterfall legs

* 2 Electrical outlet holes.

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