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How Stone Mall Nero Marquina quartz countertops looks installed | Boca Raton Florida

Updated: 4 days ago

Let's start by seeing a picture of what the complete Nero Marquina quartz slab looks like. Below is a picture of the slab when we received at the shop.

Quartz countertops installed near me Boca Raton Florida Nero Marquina
Stone Mall Nero Marquina 3cm Full slab

As you can see in the photo, the slab has a plastic on, you can't appreciate the polished finish of the slab but you can still appreciate the movement of the veins. Which is one of the most important points to decide if this quartz is just what you are looking for your kitchen or next countertop project.

What is the size of the Nero Marquina slab?

Stone Mall Nero Marquina measures 127" x 64"

The size of the slab is also important to determine how many slabs you need for your countertop project and if you are going to need a joint because for example maybe the countertop you need for your kitchen island is longer than 126", in that case you would need a joint (my advice is always try to avoid joints, thank God our work is so good that if we have a joint we have all the necessary technology to make it as professional and close as possible).

How do the veins of nero Marquina look like ?

As you can see the veins of Nero Marquina are not all completely white, we can see white and different shades of gray mixed together in which we can observe the entire trajectory of the veins of this slab. These two photos are very close to the slab, even though in the photo the slab still has the plastic, you can see the color of the veins.

Nero Marquina Dry bar countertops with dark brown cabinets:

In this project we fabricated and installed Stone Mall Nero Marquina quartz dry bar countertop located n Boca Raton Florida.

Black and white Marquina quartz countertops Boca Raton florida
Countertops Template | Boca Raton Florida by Stone and Quartz LLC

Black Marquina quartz countertops installer Boca Raton Florida
Nero Marquina Countertops installed | Boca Raton Florida by Stone and Quartz LLC

I don't have much to say about this installation. As you can see it's a small job, but I love how elegant the Nero Marquina countertop looks. As you can see we are not professional photographers :) :) but I think you can see how nice it looks with dark cabinets. Here are some details of the countertop fabrication:


*No sink cut-out

*No faucet holes

*1-1/4" Eased edge

Here I share with you what the kitchen island countertop looks like with Nero Marquina with waterfall and front panel.

quartz countertops installer Boca Raton Florida Palm Beach
Stone Mall Nero Marquina

Stone Mall Nero Marquina is an excellent idea for those looking for a black quartz countertops with veins. It also looks nice with white countertops in a kitchen. To my taste I think I prefer the Nero Marquina with dark brown cabinets, it gives a sober and elegant touch that catches your eyes with delicacy, that's just my opinion. We are Licensed Countertops Contractor (Licensed Countertops Fabricator and installer), as such we always try to please designers, general contractors and homeowners request.

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