How Does Cambria Portrush Look Installed

Cambria #Portrush is a beautiful quartz with a creamy white background, elegant streaks of navy blue, gray and black, and shimmering fine pieces of gold.

Cambria Portrush quartz fabricator and installer Boca Raton FL - Stone and Quartz LLC
Cambria Portrush

I love this new design from Cambria, they are always at the forefront with the most up-to-date designs that are in trend. Cambria Portrush has the right colors for those homeowners who are looking for a quartz that will make their kitchen look more spacious and elegant.

Is Cambria Portrush perfect for any cabinet color?

Well it all depends on your style but I think this versatile quartz call PORTRUSH is perfect for any blue, white and black cabinets or cabinets that look wooden on the outside.

Cambria Portrush Fabrication and Installation in Boca Raton FL

In this kitchen countertops we fabricated and installed Cambria Portrush in Boca Raton FL.

Kitchen Countertops Details:

*1-1/4" straight edge

*Full backsplash

*Sink cut-out


*Outlet cut-out

Note: White Wall cabinets and dark blue base cabinets

Cambria Portrush fabrication and installation in Boca Raton FL by Stone and Quartz LLC
Cambria Portrush Kitchen Countertops | Boca Raton FL

Cabria Portrush countertops installed Boca Raton FL. Stone and Quartz LLC
Cambria Portrush Kitchen Countertops and Full Backsplash Installed

Cambria Portrush fabricator and installer in Boca Raton FL . Contact Stone and Quartz LLC
Cambria Portrush kitchen Countertops & Backsplash

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