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DEKTON - The New King by Cosentino

Updated: Jun 30

Dekton is a non-porous surface made from a combination of raw materials used to make quartz, glass and porcelain countertops, mixed and engineered at high heat. Dekton is also very compact, hygienic, and suitable for outdoor kitchens and barbecue areas, thus making it the ideal surface for it's amazing capabilities:

  1. Scratch resistant: making it less likely to get damaged or show visible marks from everyday use or accidental contact with sharp objects.

  2. Heat resistant: able to withstand high temperatures without getting damaged or deforming.

  3. Stain resistant: specially treated and coated to prevent liquids or substances from penetrating and staining it.

Let your imagination soar with it's luxurious uses in yachts, outdoor fireplaces, cabana bathrooms, decks, gazebos and more!

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