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Why install Caesarstone Quartz Primordia in your kitchen countertops?

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

We are fabricators and we work with different brands of quartz for that reason we can say that Caesarstone is one of the best quartz in the market. Caesarstone comes in many different colors. The color and design called Primordia is appropriate for busy kitchens. Let's check a picture of how this beautiful Caesarstone Primordia Quartz looks like.

How Primordia quartz looks installed ?
Caesarstone Primordia

Caesarstone Primordia has small circular movements that give the appearance of concrete with different shapes of gray with the big benefit that it is not porous and will not accumulate nor grow bacteria. This design makes Caesarstone Primordia perfect for busy kitchens. The picture above is a full slab installed on a full kitchen backsplash.

How beautiful a kitchen with Caesarstone Primordia will look like?

In this kitchen anyone will be delighted with the beauty of these countertops. Caesarstone Primordia quartz countertops gift a combination of different impressions.

Caesarstone Primordia near me Boca Raton FL
Caesarstone Primordia Kitchen Countertops

Countertops Details:

In this Kitchen we fabricate and installed:

Materail: Caesarstone Primordia

Edge: 3/4" straight edge

Backsplash: Full Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Island: Two waterfall Mitered edge

Sink: Under mount sink - single bowl.

Faucet holes: 3

3 outlet cut-out

Caesarstone Primordia Countertops Stone and Quartz LLC
Caesarstone Primordia Quartz Countertops installed

This quartz looks like concrete, what do you think?

Note: Caesarstone Primordia has no veins.

In the photo below we can appreciate how beautiful looks the waterfall leg with a Mitered edge.

Caesarstone Primordia Boca Raton FL
Caesarstone Primordia Kitchen Countertops

If you've wondered how this quartz looks on your kitchen backsplash, I hope this photo can help you. In this kitchen we installed almost an entire slab as a backsplash.

Caesarstone Primordia Kitchen Backsplash Boca Raton FL
Caesarstone Primordia Backsplash

Caesarstone Primordia Kitchen Island Boca Raton FL
Caesarstone Primordia Kitchen Island


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