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Aurea Epinome Quartz countertop installation

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

This quartz is really beautiful and has only 6 colors that look like real marble. We display all 6 colors in our showroom; samples measure 24"x16" so you can have a better idea of ​​how a full slab looks like.

Epitome Quartz Countertops installation Boca Raton FL
Epitome Quartz slab size 126" x 63"

We show in this picture the movement of the veins on the slab of Aurea Stone - Epitome quartz. Of course, there was a lot of sunlight when we took the picture helping the veins look very clear in these pictures. Veins are light brown gold and light gray but most of them are brown gold veins.

Epitome Quartz countertops installer Boca Raton FL Palm Beach County
Epitome Quartz

Here is my husband Hugo lowering the Epitome quartz slab to leave it in the shop, so we can start with the fabrication of the countertop that our client, at Socially Yours Design - Linda Golden, required.

This photo was taken when Hugo visited the home where the project of the countertop had to be installed, with the purpose of being able to take the measurements of the countertop that we were going to fabricate & install and see if there were any difficulties to do the countertop installation. In this case, as the photo shows us, there are 3 cabinets installed on the wall that are on the countertop which were required to be removed so we could make the template and be able to install the countertop properly.

 hugo in your visit to know what is the measure of the countertop that we are going to manufacture and install and make templates

These are the photos after the installation of the countertop that show how beautiful it really looks...

Quartz countertops installer in Boca Raton FL 33432 Palm Beach County
Epitome quartz countertop installed | Boca Raton FL | Stone and Quartz LLC

Epitome quartz countertop installer in Boca Raton FL | Stone and Quartz LLC

Epitome Quartz Countertops installer Boca Raton Fl, contact us Stone and Quartz LLC 33432
Epitome Quartz Countertops installed

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